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"Ye Gong Loves Dragons" Style

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Ye Gong really likes dragons. You can't say that he pretends to like dragons. No matter if they are relatives or friends, people around him know that he is obsessed with them. He collects sculptures of dragons, portraits of dragons, stories of dragons, and everything else; even the pillars in the room are all carved with lifelike dragons. Assuming that in the 21st century, there may be pens, notebooks, clothes, bags, audio-visual products, various small decorations and large decorations, etc., he has almost everything. He is studying dragons every day. He seems to know everything about dragons' habits, legends, and so on, and he is always looking forward to seeing a real dragon one day.

One dragon is moved because he has such a loyal "fan" in the world. He must meet him for a while and be friends with him. In this way, the real dragon appeared in front of Ye Gong. It is a pity that our dear Ye Gong is not as ecstatic as readers would think! Instead, he flees and screams for help.

In the 21st century, Buddhist disciples are also practicing the "Ye Gong Loves Dragons" style of behavior! Many monks or lay Buddhists now say that they are doing practices, burning incense, worshiping, and holding mantras every day. They claim that they have recited Sutra and followed the great master. But when they see the light of the Buddha shining on the earth - the real Buddha in the world - they become as panic as Ye Gong, afraid of being deprived of the power to continue receiving money support, blinded, afraid of supernatural powers, and even defamed. He completely forgot the supernatural power mentioned in the Sutra, and also forget that Shakyamuni Buddha often showed supernatural powers.

All human beings are really pitiful! I once encountered a netizen who claimed to be a Buddhist disciple criticizing. I told him in private that he was like a disciple of Ye Gong who loves dragons and gave him articles about who Ye Gong is. Suddenly, he did not reply to me. I hope that all sentient beings in the world can reflect on themselves at all times.


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