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Worldwide Recognized Beautiful Men

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III (The following photo)


Wang Jingwei

Li Zongren once said: "Wang Zhaoming (Wang Jingwei) is noble, dignified, full of knowledge (such as poems and books), well-mannered when talking, and graceful, known for making people feel comfortable like sitting opposite of him as in a spring breeze."

Wang Jingwei not only looked handsome, but he participated in revolutions when he was young. "Beheaded by a flashing chop! For I am living up to what is expected of a young man.” (In other words, Wang Jingwei would rather be executed by a sword due to fighting against the government instead of wasting his youth doing nothing.) That was his heroic history, so he was very popular.

Hu Lancheng remembered Wang Jingwei, saying that every time he gave a speech in Guangzhou before the Northern Expedition, female students in Guangdong "threw flowers like rain". Wang, at that time, was a revolutionary leader and idol.

Apprecation of Wang Jingwei’s Calligraphy:

Chang Xue-Liang

The most enviable of the top ten beautiful men is Zhang Xueliang. It goes without saying that he was born handsome. At his young age, he had the authority to single-handedly command an entire army.

Appreciation of Chang Xue-Liang's Calligraphy:

Chang Xue-Liang was not only a young marshal responsible for managing thousands of soldiers, but he was also deeply good at sinology and Chinese poems. He mastered running script, regular script, official script, and seal script in calligraphy.

Mei Lang fang

Mei Lanfang's throat was described as a pearl with his voice encircling the pillars of a hall. His appearance was reminiscent of jade with the perfect use of makeup. He is no doubt hailed as the most delicate and charming of the top four Chinese handsome men.

There is one proverb that mentions that: "The mostly qualified wife should be someone like Mei Lanfang, and the mostly qualified son should be someone like Chou Xinfang" and "Men want to marry Lanfang as their wife, and women want to marry Lanfang as their husband." There are really a lot of compliments and praise for Mei Lanfang.

Appreciation of Mei Lang fang’s calligraphy

Zhou Enlai

Premier Zhou was born in the south but grew up in the north. This means that Premier Zhou's beauty had the handsomeness of the south and the bravery of the north. Both the north and the south influenced Premier Zhou's life and personality. He was delicate, but also bold.

American diplomat John S. Service recalled: "No one who has seen Zhou Enlai will forget him. He is full of energy, charismatic, and beautiful in appearance."

The beauty of Premier Zhou is definitely not limited to the outside, but is deeply rooted in its excellent internal knowledge and noble character. Only such a person can have true beauty, and only such beauty can truly be admired and remembered by people.

Appreciation of Zhou Enlai's Calligraphy

Viewed from various periods, Zhou Enlai's calligraphy art has the following characteristics.

It is sturdy, inwardly smart, outwardly beautiful, and well-preserved in his youth.

It is esoteric, simple, and steady in his middle years (these years could be considered his 'formation years' due to the fact that his art developed and advanced tremendously during this time period).

It is flexible, comfortable, majestic, heroic, and full of energy in his later years (Arguably, his art reached its peak in the final years of his life).

Yuan Kewen

Yuan Kewen is Yuan Shikai's second son, and he was "one of the four beaus of the Republic of China." Yet, he was also a gangster, a Chinese opera (Liyuan) lover, poetic couplet writer, music instructor, chess player, calligraphy writer, artist, and cultural relic appreciator. He was talented in everything.

Yuan Kewen was born stubborn, but his intelligence was abnormal. He read poems and books occasionally, but he could read 10 lines at the same time, and due to his photographic memory, he wouldn't forget what he read. He inherited the genes of his mother's outstanding appearance. When he grew up, he was handsome, gentle and versatile, and he won the favor of his parents.

He claimed he was “literate at the age of six, able to read history and classic literature at the age of seven, learning from articles at the age of ten, reading poems at the age of fifteen, and leading a legal department government position at the age of eighteen." Because of his capriciousness, he did not care about his ethics, and he had a bad reputation.

Apprecation of Yuan Kewen’s Calligraphy:

Chiang Jie-shi

Chiang Jie-shi was the main leader of the party, government, and army during the Kuomintang regime, and a conservative revolutionary. His calligraphy was as good as what he looked, with a neatly dressed appearance and straight lines, not exceeding those rules.

Appreciation of Chiang Jie-shi’s calligraphy

Zhang Lingfu

Zhang Lingfu was a literary student in Peking University. After learning about the military in Huangpu, he became a military general. His eyebrows had a good shape like a mountain; his eyes were like stars. He was beautiful, tough, handsome, resolute, graceful, and he had a tall, dignified, extraordinary and heroic look.

Zhang Lingfu was an anti-Japanese war hero, especially because he led a war effort against Japan at the Ancient Mountain alongside his equally-fearless fellow soldiers. His legs were broken due to gunfire and there was a lot of tragic bloodshed in the battlefield. During the anti-Japanese war, he ignored his own body and death. He got shot seven different times - all in different places - but he still fought hard. It is respectable.

Appreciation of Zhang Lingfu’s Calligraphy

Sun Liren

Sun Liren, 6' 1" in height, was the top scorer in the college entrance examination at Tsinghua University and later studied at the Virginia Military Academy in the United States. On behalf of the Chinese men's basketball team, he went to the Far East International Games to defeat Japan’s team and won the first world championship in the history of Chinese basketball.

Sun Liren served as the 38th division commander during the first Burma War. The Ren'an Qiang battles defeated more than 4,000 Japanese troops with one regiment, winning international reputations by using the few to defeat the many. He was the general who annihilated the most Japanese army among the generals of Chinese Nationalist Party military units.

Appreciation of Sun Liren’s calligraphy:

Jiang Weiguo

Jiang Weiguo was Jiang Jie-shi's second son (later confirmed to be the adopted son). His biological father was Dai Jitao, and his biological mother was a Japanese nurse. He was heroic, handsome and talented, so could be referred to as “a beautiful man”. Jiang was German style: noble and rigorous. Yet, he was also American style: easy-going, compassionate and very popular.

Appreciation of Jiang Weiguo’s calligraphy:

Hu Shi

Hu Shi, the leader of the New Culture Movement, was well known in the world. Hu Shi's overall image was beautiful, handsome, gentle, and elegant. He was also a passionate literary scholar, which a woman preferred more.

In 1918, Hu Shi joined the editorial department of "New Youth", vigorously promoted vernacular Chinese, and promoted liberation and freedom of thought. He greatly supported the concept of liberalism. In his later years he devoted himself to the textual research of "Shui Jing Zhu", but could not finish the final version. He died of illness in Taipei in 1962.

Appreciation of Hu Shi’s calligraphy

After we read the brief introduction and calligraphy, I would say from the past to now:in every different era, there are always some people commenting on the beauty of men.

First, judging men's beauty has three specialties(elements). The first one is that men must have both talent and good looks; the second is the combination of both morality and excellence; the third is personal status. If men don't have the basis of the three elements, they cannot be one of the beautiful men.Even though some men were thought of to be beautiful in the beginning, such as Wang Jingwei, Jiang Zhongzheng and Zhou Enlai, they could not actually be called beautiful, despite having talents. In their calligraphy essays, we can see what kind of people they are on the inside. These men are showing their beauty mainly from their calligraphy and personal status.

Of course, they must be honored by the H.E or Honorable title, otherwise they lose their personal status of achievement. In fact, there is one noble and decent man that outperforms the ten beautiful men. His beauty, talent and virtuous achievement are not what I can express in words. The critics will know the truth once they compare with others in all aspects.

First of all, instead of using my opinions to discuss his appearance, I will quote the media news as follows.

From Oriental Daily News: "No one can compete with H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III for his handsome appearance, which is flawless and extremely perfect."

For a heavenly beauty, we often describe her face as being so beautiful that it could ruin cities and states, or obscure the moon and make flowers blush. But even these words are not enough to describe the beauty of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. He is indeed the most handsome man in the world and people feel ashamed to compete with him.

From Washington Chinese Daily News: "H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III is dignified and handsome to the extent of flawlessness and allurement. "His appearance is peerless in the world, graceful, and heroic!"

From World Tribune: "Pure bright eyes with benevolent affections. Decent and solemn posture. Flawless body which was never seen before."

Some say that a handsome man should be good at calligraphy, so let's transition and talk about calligraphy now. For ancient calligraphers like Wang Xizhi, Huang Tingjian, Zhang Huaisu, Ho Shaoji, and for modern calligraphers like in Youren, they all have their own special style. When you see the calligraphy of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, you can notice that it not only outperforms all of the above calligraphers but also incorporates different styles.

Dorje Chang Buddha III's calligraphy is rigorous, easy-going, simple, fashionable, mature, pretty, charming, flowing, meaningful, high-quality, high-level, strong and powerful yet light-hearted. And it contains vivid verve.

In his work “翡翠玉 Emerald Jade”, Dorje Chang Buddha III wrote it unrestrained and without limits. As a result, the painting is elegant, natural, fresh and wonderful. “枯藤石堡 An Ancient Castle With Entwined Vines” is unpretentious and plain, like a bamboo chip that is crisp and folded. However, it is also elastic, reserved, elegant and pure. The "福慧寺 Temple of Good Fortune & Wisdom" is powerful, sharp, old and vigorous, having the strength of reinforced iron bones, stone carvings and diamonds inside. "万古辉光 Eternal Glory" has a vigorous force on the outside and a vivid spirit inside. Written freely and at will, the mood of the ink shows purity and freedom from mere conventionality. “忍里修和 To Shine Like the Sun and Moon, Cultivate Peacefulness by Being Tolerant and Patient” has elegant shape and freehand strokes. It is mature and generous.

"莞尔灵犀 The Beauty of A Tranquil Spirit" is graceful, comfortable, and beautiful. It is plain but gorgeous, and it is running out of worldliness. In "鹤舞 Crane Dance", the atmosphere swings, showing strong and vigorous waltz through to the back of the paper. "朗嘎罗布 Treasure of Heaven" and "余著般若 Yu Zhe Ban Ruo" are not only emotionally intimate and stable in terms of appearance, but also firm and attractive inside. The above and "小不点 Tiny" are typical child brushstroke style. "华藏学佛苑 Hua Zang Buddhist Institute" uses the thin and lean child brushstroke style, which is a kind of wonderland charm. There is a saying: "If you creatively paint and simplify the characters, they will become mature and perfect. The characters resemble an old mature man with a childlike heart, as a flame in a stove burns to become perfect cyan." This saying means that one has a high degree of professional proficiency in calligraphy.

Experts know that the child style and cursive style are two distinctly different artistic concepts. When you read Dorje Chang Buddha III's cursive script "高山无道兮 The Mountain Has No Way", and "道兮鲤所依 The Way the Carp Depends", you will feel more incredible.His cursive is bold, as if a dragon and a snake walk beside the line, interspersed gently and freely. The cursive is smooth and stiff, like a river washing a valley, shaking the land and causing an uproar among the pines. "云团玉 Cloud Group Jade" is different from "高山无道兮 Mountain Has No Way". "云团玉 Cloud Group Jade" shows the scene of withered and hanging vines, falling rocks, and tangled roots. The scene looks as if steel is hidden in the cotton (in other words, it looks soft on the outside, but is tough on the inside). It uses two types of cursive and both have their own style, which are absolutely beautiful. A man who has so many adaptable, unique, and mature styles of writing, different from the scripts of ancestors, is indeed the first person in history to hone these styles.

Moreover, it is unique with so many styles. There are no ancestors who are like Dorje Chang Buddha III, because he dominates the style. He is the one whose calligraphy has become fascinating, like the old man with a childlike heart, like the flame in a stove burn to become cyan, and like the powerful sound of an iron carving jade diamonds or the smooth curve of a golden hairpin. It means the calligraphic scripts’ curves are written using roundness and strength. His Kung fu of calligraphy is superb, connotative of moral knowledge.

But Dorje Chang Buddha III modestly said: "My writing skills are at the rudimentary level so I am ashamed to paint or to expose myself to ridicule. My skills are just now developing".Such a virtue is without saying; it is admirable. Because his calligraphy skills are strong, solid, and entangled with extraordinary inner strength, it is difficult for others to imitate. The calligraphy of the master Yu Youren in modern times can be regarded as unprecedented childlike script(s). It is considered less materialistic but can still be copied. Therefore, the talents of Dorje Chang Buddha III are not only legends, just as the poet and great calligrapher Wu Zhangshu commented: “If you take away mortal life, you can see the root of wisdom.”

As for the talents of Dorje Chang Buddha III in other respects, they are even more inexhaustible and endless. He by himself created 30 categories of achievements.

Each category is divided into several subcategories, and they all have reached the peak of the realm. His music, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, singing, and couplet poems are easy as falling off a log, convincing and knowledgeable.

The "Yun Sculpture" he created is absolutely unrivaled in the world, and it is the first artwork that cannot be copied by human beings. The sculpture was rated as a beautiful sculpture to the extent of allurement. His paintings earn the highest prices among living painters in the world. They are auctioned at US$17 million per square foot. The painting of "龍鯉鬧蓮池Dragon Carp Frolic In A Lotus Pond " is worth US$59 million. It is a court-authorized valuation certificate issued by an evaluation expert.

The above description discusses his many talents, but what about his status? As for his title, it is not His Excellency, nor is it Honorable, but it is the highest title: His Holiness. In 2012, he was named H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III by Congress Resolution 614.

Aside from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, here are only three truly recognized national titles in the world; the other two are Pope of the Vatican and Queen Elizabeth of England. Where does his extreme talent come from? When we read the book "Learning from Buddha" written by him, we know that his correct behavior, right cognition, supreme morals and realm are the pillars of achievement. It is no wonder that General Jiang Weiguo of the Republic of China also knelt in front of the young beautiful man and bowed down to respect the master.

Appreciation of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s calligraphy

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March 15, 2017

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