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The Holy Heavenly Lake trip

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

By South wind

In mid-March 2019, we were in extremely delighted anticipation, because our group of five finally drove from EL Monte to Hesperia, California to worship the world's most outstanding Buddhist shrine: "Holy Heavenly Lake".

The Holy Heavenly Lake is a sacred lake full of magic and auspiciousness. According to authoritative data, the underground of this sacred place is a huge lake of pure crystal treasures. It is favorable and exceptionally powerful. It also has one of the only two underground rivers from south to north in the world with a flow volume equivalent to that of the Yangtze River. With feelings of respect and excitement, we went to the Holy Heavenly Lake. Because it was spring, the plants on both sides of the road were lush and swaying gently in the breeze. From time to time, you could see the flowers and trees coming into view, which was so beautiful.

After about two hours, we arrived at our destination. Kent opened the door for us and three dogs came with him. Before we went out of the car, they had already gathered around us. The dogs here have converted to Buddhism and are particularly smart, and the dogs always expressed their kindness to us and showered us with affection. One of the dogs with black and yellow fur had been following us; sometimes it walked side by side with us, and sometimes it walked to the front to lead us.

Afterwards, we walked to the Holy Heavenly Lake. The breeze hit us and the lake was shimmering. The water and grass on the lake were abundant, and the blooming trees were swaying, like welcoming visitors from afar. Coming here, my heart seemed to be cleansed by the lake, becoming peaceful, forgetting my worldly troubles, and pursuing the happiness in my heart.

March is the month that peach blossoms emerge full of pink and beauty! We came to a peach blossom forest with some beautiful plum trees and flowers blooming pink and white like snow painted into a touching picture. This is truly a fairyland on earth. We paced, stopped, looked back, shouted, moved around with joy, and sighed at the beauty! The distracting thoughts in my heart were dispelled, because I was moved by the flowers blooming in front of me... I was wandering in this scene for a long time.

In the blink of an eye, noon had arrived. In order to not disturb Kent's lunch, we bid a temporary farewell. Before leaving, the dogs also came to say goodbye. The big dog who led us before was still leaning on the door of the car, seemingly reluctant to leave.

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