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The benefits I have learned from Buddha

Updated: Apr 25, 2021


I am not a special girl, but I would like to recite Sutras and listen to the dharma discourses. Whenever I feel frustrated, I will find out the correct way of life from the Sutras, such as how to calm down and how to transform my mind and mood. I also adjust my behavior in my daily life; though I am still not good at it, I try my best to do it. Whenever I feel uncomfortable, I also think of my Buddha Master: H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and pray for help. I know this is due to cause and effect; I need to go through it, but I still hope to gain a little luck that my body and mind can be healthy.

This past summer, I worked harder in the outdoors. I felt hot and thirsty in the day time. So, I drank more icy drinks than before. I found my uterine fibroids last year, and I felt unwell if I drank too many iced drinks and tofu. It felt like an Indian summer, so I drank coke over ice, then I felt colder in my stomach after I woke up.

However, I accidentally bought too much garlic at the market, and I started to eat raw garlic to warm myself. I googled garlic's benefits and found that it is a really good food for men, and also good for women's uterine health. So I ate more than before and found it really minimized my fibroids when I touched my stomach and I didn't feel cold when I got up. It is really a gift from the heavens! I felt good as new!

I remember one day I became infuriated and my eye turned red and felt painful at that time. I dropped some steroid eye drops into my red eye, but after using it for 2 weeks, I became sensitive to light. I went to see the doctor, and the doctor told me to use artificial tears.

Nevertheless the artificial tears could only help me a little for several days; sometimes it made me feel even dryer on my eye, so I tried to take cod liver oil, which also helped more. I wasn't sensitive to light until I ate a lot of Portulaca Oleracea in my friend's house. Portulaca Oleracea can be eaten as a leaf vegetable. William Cobbett noted that it was "eaten by Frenchmen and pigs when they could get nothing else. Both use it in salad, that is to say, raw". My friend gardens Portulaca Oleracea a lot in the yard and it is good for livers and eyes by Chinese medicine.

So based on all the examples above, I am really grateful to Buddha: H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. I am getting better and better day by day.

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