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Philosophical Sayings About Worldly Matter (XXII)

What to do to beat your equal in battle? Attack him where he is most vulnerable with concentrated force and victory will be yours. A piece of wood with a sharp end can break another piece of wood that is just as hard as the wood you use to attack.

(This is a translation of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu’s philosophical sayings about worldly matters originally written in Chinese.)


Below is not an official translation, just for reference.

This topic is a war topic. When is relative energy enough? It means that when everyone is equal in strength, how can we defeat the opposite side and win? At this time, be specific and go for it. The main idea is to find their weaknesses, concentrate on our strengths, and defeat their weaknesses to win. That is to say, when A and B are equal in strength, A must attack a certain point of B, and it is the weakest or most important point. A cannot attack in a casual manner so that A can win.

Just as there are two pieces of wood of the same material, if you sharpen one of the pieces and pierce the face of the other piece of wood, you can definitely break it. Another example is the missiles in modern warfare. When the missiles on both sides of the enemy are equal, how can we destroy the other side? At this time, if you want to stab at one’s vital part, you must find out his vital weakness and hurt it, that is, select the vital part of the opponent and destroy his command system so that those missiles will lose all courses. If they lose their course, they will have no target. Naturally, it will become a pile of scrap metal and can not be fired.

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