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Philosophical Sayings About Worldly Matter (XI)

Undue haste causes delay, and procrastination causes loss. With this point of view, one shall choose the Middle Way as a principle. When a violin is tuned too low, its strings produce disharmony, but when it’s tuned too high, the strings are likely to snap.

(This is a translation of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu’s philosophical sayings about worldly matters originally written in Chinese.)


Below is not an official translation, just for reference.

No matter what you do, if it is unrealistic, too eager, or too fast, it will often fail because it does not conform to the logic and rules of objective things. If the speed is too slow, chances are often missed, and you may fail to achieve your goals. If you go too slowly, you'll lose sight of your goal. In all matters in the world, we should pay attention to the two keys to the difference between pros and cons. So, what is the right thing to do? This requires careful study and analysis, whichever is appropriate and finding the best method. This is just like how strings are. They are often broken when they are too tight. Yet, if they are too loose, they will not be able to produce a harmonious sound. If they are appropriate, they will be just right to produce beautiful music. Everything in the world must be logical and impartial, and then enterprising, so that the goal will be achieved perfectly.

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