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Philosophical Sayings About Worldly Matter (VI)

The construction of a tall building begins with the laying of groundwork from which it goes up floor by floor. Structures resting on nothing are seen only in a mirage. Building up a career is like putting up a building: what is needed are firm steps taken one after another toward the goal and executed with the support of true knowledge gained from experience. These steps, aided by a defiance of obstacles, will eventually lead one to success.

(This is a translation of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu’s philosophical sayings about worldly matters originally written in Chinese.)


Below is not an official translation, just for reference.

Building a house, whether it is an ordinary pavilion or a skyscraper up to the sky, must lay a solid foundation. Only with a foundation can we go deeper. Without a foundation, we can't talk about constructing a tall building. There is a saying that a castle in the sky, in fact, it is not solid, because it is impossible to build a castle in mid-air. Any stone or wood must be built from the ground and built from the foundation. It is the same idea of constructing a tall building: when we work in the world, we have to build the foundation well. We must master real talents and knowledge, possess real skills, accumulate energy, and finally live a practical life. Once you have the practical knowledge and strength, you still need the courage to overcome all difficulties. Don't be intimidated by a little obstacle and fear on the way. These obstacles and risks are inevitable and cannot be controlled by people's will. Those who have been overcoming numerous difficulties can achieve success. Therefore, only by climbing on solid foundations, step by step, can we reach the peak of our career.

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