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100 thousand full prostrations in 10 days.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The "knob head" in Buddhism is also known as "full prostration", and it is an additional method for Buddhist disciples to politely worship Buddha. There are four preliminary practices or five additional practices, and one of them is to finish 100,000 times of worship.

Although I have heard before that four preliminary practices could eliminate sin, improve bodies, and obtain physical and mental health, I could not believe that I could complete the "100,000 times" task, which was almost 'mission impossible'.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2019, a story touched me. A one-armed Buddhist disciple completed 100,000 full prostrations in three months. Even though he had lost his arm, he was still able to work hard and complete 100,000 full prostrations; he did more prostrations than even people with two arms. I overcame my inner fears and laziness and wished to complete one hundred thousand full prostrations from the Mid-Autumn Festival (in September) to the end of 2019.

The first step is to make plans scientifically according to one's own situation. To complete one hundred thousand full prostrations in 3 months, I at least needed to complete 1,000 times every day. In the beginning, in order to achieve 1,000 daily as soon as possible, I made a relatively rapid increase plan.

I did 200 on the first day, 400 on the second day, and 600 on the third day, and so on the fifth day. I could do 1000 per day after one week. However, I overestimated my physical condition. When I was going to perform 600 full prostrations on the third day, my body could not bear it. I quickly adjusted the increment plan, but it was still 200 as the increment. I continued to do each new increment for three days to let my body adapt to it. When slowly increasing to 1,000 per day, my body did not feel very strained, and I also learned how to save my energy while doing it. During this time, I could do up to 1600 per day.

The second is to persevere.The weather in Guangzhou has always been relatively hot. My worship room is on the 3rd floor. The sunlight is full enough. For the sake of my body, I did not turn on the air conditioning during my full prostrations. So after doing 100th time, I was already soaked in sweat. When I did 200 reps, it was like throwing me into water and the big mat was covered with sweat.

To fulfill my wishes, I require that I have to do 500-600 in the morning, at least 600 in the afternoon, and at least 200 in the evening. This is not a negotiable task. Because my wife often had business travels, I had to send three children to school, help them with their homework, cook for the whole family, and complete other trivial but important things at home. According to my plan, I had to reserve 5-6 hours for my full prostrations, so there was very little time left for me to do my devotionals and listen to dharma discourses within a day.

For this reason, I got up at 5am every day to ensure that I have enough time to do my devotionals and listen to dharma discourses from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. The intensive arrangement was hard to imagine. When I started to become weary, I felt like giving up. Whenever I had the thought, I clenched my teeth and said to myself: "Even if I die, I need to fulfill my wish, which is a test for me!"

During this time every week, I led brothers and sisters who came to home to listen to dharma discourses from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. Under the detailed schedule, our group discussion has never been interrupted. I also try my best to lead new friends to learn about Buddhism. Every time I met a new friend, I would take time to learn about the aspects of his life and use those aspects to find ways to let him connect to Buddhism, and analyze the benefits of Buddhism. The brothers and sisters around me praised me as a leader.

Third, as long as you stick to it, you can get real results. It's easy for me to be hateful, but with the removal of karmic debt every day, I gradually see things more clearly. I calm down, learn to endure humiliation, I recognize the cause and effect, and I become less irritable.

I was very strict with my children, and would be furious if they were slightly disobedient. They saw me as a strict father in the family. My children were afraid of me, and they were only willing to talk to their mother. As I prayed day after day, my understanding of dharma discourses was getting better and better. Slowly, I had more and more communication with the children and less and less outbursts. From time to time, I took them to play around, and the children had become closer to me. They became willing to share their secrets.

When 60,000 full prostrations were done day after day, I already felt that my body had changed. I always slept lightly and woke up easily. But after 60,000 my sleep was particularly sweet and deep. Constipation due to poor spleen and stomach had also improved, and my rice consumption had increased a lot. I sweated so much every day during this period, but my weight increased from 110 to 120 pounds. Even the youngest daughter praised my rosy lips. My wife was very happy to see my changes, and encouraged me to continue doing it.

On the 107th day after making my wish, 100,000 full prostrations were completed. I had fulfilled it before New Year. Great changes have taken place in my body and mind, mainly reflected in:

1. The physical quality has been greatly improved, and my original old disease, gout arthritis, is also 80% better.

2. The knee bones that had been lifted up now have recovered a lot. I can trot freely, my muscles are full of energy, and I was mistaken as a professional bodybuilder.

3. The spleen and stomach were not good before, but they have improved a lot. My rice consumption has increased a lot. As long as you pay attention to your diet, the stomach will not be uncomfortable, and constipation will no longer occur;

4. The control of inner thoughts is enhanced, and evil thoughts are rarely generated. When you see a beautiful and sexy member of the opposite sex, you no longer want to extend your thought, and you can quickly enter into a righteous mindset.

5. My wife's career is getting better, and more than half of our huge debt is also paid. In addition, there are many benefits that can only be felt by oneself and cannot be described.

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III discoursed on a tape that the merits are not fulfilled even if you complete 100,000 times on four additional preliminary practices. They are used to hone our minds and help us become become qualified Buddhist disciples. They are the helpers on our way to practice. Therefore, after fulfilling my wishes, I can't stop grinding my feet with four preliminary practices. I am still doing hundreds of full prostrations every day.

Jiyang Qin

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