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Dafu Golden Tower soothes our pain

Dafu Golden Tower is a deceased ashes company located in Shimen District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. It was founded by Rinpoche Xiraogendeng, a disciple of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, and others. There, you can bestow the name of a living person onto a long-life praying tablet or a lighting blessing tablet. In the case of death, a memorial tablet can be utilized along with an ashes urn. Because I read the book “The True Story of the Holy Monk” by Dorje Luosang, Old Dharma King, I knew such a place and I could buy tablets and/or urns for my family.

The Old Dharma King said: "My Buddha Master has instructed that I agree to pray for all of the dead souls and bless all of the longevity tablets of your two towers. Don't worry, I will be responsible for everything that I pray for." These words of compassion revealed the majesty, which moved the people present and inspired others to keep appreciating him.

I know that the Old Dharma King’s blessing ability is extremely high, so I pre-bought a few urns for my family. After a few years, some of my family members passed away. When I was sad, it was the Dafu Golden Tower staffs who supported me. Their professional attitude and compassion towards us were as warm as the sun's rays into the hearts of our living family members, soothing our pain. My parents once said that the bright environment of Dafu Golden Tower was surrounded by mountains and sea, and always full of sisters and brothers to recite Sutra for families, so it was not as horrific and gloomy of a tower as others.

Before ashes enter the tower, the staff of Dafu Golden Tower would carefully tell us what we should pay attention to and how to proceed. And it's best to let ashes enter the tower during the group practice on Sunday morning, because there will be hundreds of brothers and sisters praying for your family, which makes people feel warm and at ease. Dafu Golden Tower has his great merit and blessing power.

One of the merits is to comfort the family, so that the family is not in a hurry, and feels at ease that the deceased family member can be placed in this superb spiritual urn. On the other hand, there are hundreds of brothers and sisters praying for blessings every Sunday. When I don’t have time to go up the mountain, I can feel that my family has so many relatives to help take care of. So whenever there is a dharma assembly, we would go up the mountain as many times as possible to help pray and give blessings. The merits are boundless!


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